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Assist 24hr Consultancy Services

Legal Services

Assist Healthcare have specially legally trained nurse consultants who are able to assess nursing home clients case notes for litigation purposes and to assess their viability in meeting set criteria for cases going forward for litigation speeding up the process of getting to court.

There are currently around 440,000 people in Britain residing in care homes and nursing homes, and approximately 50% of these people have had to pay their own fees. At Assist Healthcare we have a specialist and dedicated team of qualified Nurse Assessors to ensure that you receive a professional high standard of assessment .

Assist Nurses will contribute to your initial assessments into the potential prospects of success. We currently supply and have close links with national law firms who use Assist Healthcare's qualified nursing staff on an agency ad hoc, semi permanent and contract basis at competitive charge rates to help you manage the growing number of cases.

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Safeguarding, Assistants & Consultancy

Assist Healthcare offer Safeguarding advice to support your home !

Assist Healthcare offer Care Home Turnaround Services to Existing Clients who may have underperforming or distressed businesses. Assist Consultancy can provide legally trained Qualified Nurses to assist in raising standards, meeting regulatory requirements and improving outcomes for service users by delivering information, evidence and testimony to management , home owners and Stakeholders.

These specially trained nurses report independently on how the home is run when you are not there. Working as an ordinary agency nurse at weekends, on nights and during your annual leave, they will be your eyes ears and report concerns incidents to you they have personally witnessed following their assessment. They are of the highest calibre often experienced managers and expertly a trained in evidential record keeping by a National Law Firm.

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